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    Join Toggl as a CRO/Head of Growth!

    We are a bootstrapped, fully remote company with 100+ team members working from 40+ countries, serving over 4 million registered users in the productivity space. We provide time tracking (Toggl Track) and work planning (Toggl Plan) tools to help businesses move away from traditional work models toward flexible work.

    We believe that with a global team comes an incredible range of backgrounds, skills, and a whole world of creativity. Our culture is centered around trust and transparent communication—to combat remote work's shortcomings and cultivate a workplace focused on building a strong product.

    CRO, Head of Growth, those are just titles. Our team is looking for someone to lead our brand management, marketing and sales efforts and facilitate cooperation between these domains.

    How to apply

    All it takes to apply is this skills test. You can take the test only once, so be sure to have a quiet environment and a stable internet connection.

    The test consists of 10 questions and will take max 20 minutes. You can change the answer to any question at any time before submitting it. The score for your test will be displayed after finishing.

    💡 Only candidates who do well on the test and include a LinkedIn link will be considered for this position.

    Recruitment process

    👉Test - you are about to complete this step.

    👉 Asynchronous Video intro

    👉 Cultural interview with Aya, Talent Acquisition Specialist (up to 45 minutes, video call)

    👉 Technical interview with Serge, our CEO (up to 45 minutes, video call)

    👉 Paid test week with Toggl team (up to 5 days, flexible setting)

    👉 Final chat with Toggl Board members

    👉 We make an offer

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