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Frontend Developer (Remote)

Join Toggl Plan as a Frontend Developer (Remote)!

We are Toggl Plan and we are on a mission to eliminate stress from the workplace by building healthy workplaces.

Our beautifully simple planning tool fosters transparency in work, and we practice what we preach--both within our team, and for us as a company towards our users. We are dedicated towards creating a work atmosphere where it's natural to be open, honest and efficient.

We treasure our multicultural and diverse team from all around the world, and we are looking for an experienced Frontend Developer to join our Engineering team.

To apply, take this roughly 15 minute test. All questions can be answered multiple times. And you will get rapid feedback after finishing.

  • the test has 10 questions in total, of which 8 have single-select or multiple choice options, and 2 require code or an open-ended, written, answer

  • please evaluate your code using an online IDE like or a local Node.JS instance. Submitted code needs to run successfully from our end for any consideration. Ensure exhaustive and tidy code.

  • at the end of the test, you are presented with your test score. This score does not include coding or open-ended answers, as they are not graded automatically. Some of the “correct” answers are undeniably subjective, so please don’t take the test score as an objective assessment of your skills

  • we use the skills test to quickly find candidates with whom there might be a mutual match—minimising the time wasted from both the candidates’ and our perspective

You can take the test only once.

Please accept the Terms & Conditions to be able to log in to the test
Please accept the Terms & Conditions to be able to log in to the test
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Questions? Contact Toggl Plan at, read our Test Guide and FAQ, or take a Practice Test first